FREE Premium Vehicle Protection

It’s easy, hassle free and available at no charge!


Wynn’s Titanium Lifetime Protection extends the life of your vehicle with Wynn’s products and services. From engine to brakes, we’ve got you covered. Titanium offers greater protection wherever you go and maintaining coverage is simple. Titanium offers you up to $4,000 ($5 000 CAD) of lifetime protection wherever you go in the U.S. and Canada.

Two Levels of Coverage

COVERAGE UP TO $4,000* ($5 000 CAD)

Mileage 50,000 miles or less
(80 000 km or less)

COVERAGE UP TO $2,000* ($2 500 CAD)

Mileage 50,001 to 100,000
(80 001 km – 160 000 km)

Covered Services

Brakes, Coolant, Driveline, Engine, Fuel (Gasoline), Power Steering, and Transmission

Extend the life of your vehicle by asking Your Service Advisor For More Details.


*Only qualified vehicles operated and repaired at an approved professional authorized dealer’s service center in the U.S. and Canada are eligible for coverage. Certain restrictions apply. See Program Terms and Conditions for more details.

“Wynn’s” and “Wynn’s Extended Care, Inc.” are separate companies and are not affiliated in any way. Wynn’s warranty program is separate and distinct from the “Wynn’s Extended Care, Inc.” warranty.