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Transmission Cleaner

Automatic Transmission Cleaner

Wynn’s® Automatic Transmission Cleaner is a solvent-free formula that safely breaks down varnish deposits and suspends contaminates in old fluid to be removed during automatic transmission service.

❱ Safely Removes Varnish Deposits
❱ Prepares Transmission for New Fluid
❱ Cleans Internal Transmission Components
❱ Suitable for Use in CVT and DCT Applications

  • Automatic Transmission Cleaner (p/n 64401) 11 oz.

Product Number


Packaging Information

24 x 11 oz. Case


Automatic Transmission Cleaner is designed to be used with all automatic transmissions to breakdown and removed deposits.


Add Automatic Transmission Cleaner to transmission fluid and allow to circulate for 10 minutes. Use Wynn’s Transmission Cleaner equipment to remove old fluid and cleaner product.

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