2-Step Transmission Service Kit – Transmission

2-Step Transmission Service Kit

Automatic Transmission Service Kit

Wynn’s® 2-Part Transmission Cleaner Kit cleans varnish deposits within the automatic transmission and suspends those deposits in the old fluid for easy removal during the transmission service. The treatment enhances the properties of the ATF making it more effective and longer lasting.

❱ Safely Removes Varnish Deposits
❱ Prepares Transmission for New Fluid
❱ Cleans Internal Transmission Components
❱ Revitalizes Seals and O-Rings
❱ Helps Stop and Prevent Seal Leaks
❱ Replenishes Depleted Additives, Extending Transmission Life
❱ For Use with All Automatic Transmission Fluids (excluding CVT and DCT)

  • Automatic Transmission Service Kit:
  • Automatic Transmission Flush (p/n 64401) 11 oz.
  • Automatic Transmission Treatment (p/n 64506) 11 oz.

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Packaging Information

12 x 2 Pack/Case


Wynn’s Automatic Transmission Service Kit is designed to be used with all ATF (excluding CVT and DCT).


Add Automatic Transmission Flush to transmission fluid and allow to circulate for 10 minutes. Use Wynn’s Transmission Flush equipment to remove old fluid and flush product. After used fluid is removed add Automatic Transmission Treatment to transmission to enhance new fluids abilities to provide greater protection and last longer.

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