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Power Steering Fluid

Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Wynn’s® Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is formulated with premium synthetic base oils and a shear-stable viscosity index improver for excellent performance at both high and low temperatures. This valuable product conditions seals, extending the power steering system’s longevity. The carefully formulated fluid is blended with a detergent package that keeps components clean as well as provides protection against rust, oxidation, foam and wear. Use Wynn’s® Synthetic Power Steering Fluid where synthetic power steering fluid is recommended, or as an upgrade to conventional power steering fluids (except Honda and Acura).

  • Premium Full Synthetic Formula
  • Premium Alternative to Standard PSF in Most Makes and Models
  • Provides Excellent Low-Temperature Performance
  • Compatible with Electric Power Steering Systems
  • Excellent Oxidation Stability for Resistance to Fluid Breakdown

Product Number

57532 (Amber)

57132 (Green)

Packaging Information

12 Each


Use with top off fluid or refer to job aid for fluid exchange.

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