Throttle Body Cleaner – Fuel

Throttle Body Cleaner

Fuel System

Wynn’s Throttle Body Cleaner effectively cleans the throttle body restoring proper air flow and overall vehicle engine performance. Safe and easy to use by simply applying directly into the throttle body housing.

  • Cleans Throttle Body Housing
  • Removes Gum & Varnish
  • Lubricates Metal Parts & Components
  • Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Safe
  • Safe for Use on Electrical Parts
  • Less than 10% VOC

Product Number


Packaging Information

6 fl. oz. aerosol / 12 per case


For use in all Multi-Port Fuel lnjection, Gasoline Direct Injection, Flex Fuel, Hybrid, and Turbo-Charged engines.


Aerosol product. Use as directed.

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