Premium Oil System Cleaner – Engine

Premium Oil System Cleaner

Engine Treatment

Wynn’s Premium Oil System Cleaner, developed with a careful blend of solvents, safely removes the harmful engine deposits that a standard oil change cannot remove. This exceptional product improves compression and reduces oil consumption, extending your engine life.

  • Cleans & Conditions Crankcase
  • Improves Compression & Reduces Oil Consumption
  • Provides a Better Drain, Reducing Contamination of New Oil
  • SN Plus Motor Oil Compatible

Product Number

ZW81610 – Replacement for ZW61610 Oil System Cleaner

Packaging Information

11 fl. oz. / 24 units per case


Please consult the technical info sheet


Add Wynn’s Premium Oil System Cleaner to your engine prior to an oil change to chemically clean and condition your crankcase promoting a more complete drain.

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