Emissions Control + Plus +™

Emissions Control + Plus +™

Emissions Control + Plus +™

Wynn’s® Emission Control + Plus +is formulated to clean deposits and reduce soot load in the exhaust system. This effective product has proven to significantly reduce CO (carbon monoxide) and HC (hydrocarbon) emissions by increasing the fuel cetane number responsible for changes in temperature of combustion. A decrease in soot production lowers soot loading of the engine oil, resulting in less abrasive wear and sustained oil life. Incorporate Wynn’s® Emission Control + Plus +to your regular maintenance program to improve fuel economy and engine performance, and reduce harmful emissions released into the air.


  • Reduces Emissions and Black Through Smoke Combustion Catalysis
  •  Increases Fuel Cetane Number
  •  Improves Lubricity and Cold Flow Properties
  •  Cleans Injectors and the Entire Fuel System
  • Improves Engine Performance

Product Number


Packaging Information

11 FL OZ. / 24 per case


This product is applicable to any diesel vehicle. One bottle treats 15 gal (56.78 L).


Pour into diesel fuel tank.

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