Diesel Power Charge™- Diesel

Diesel Power Charge™

Diesel Fuel Treatment

Wynn’s® Diesel Power Chargeis a highly concentrated professional diesel fuel treatment. This carefully formulated blend of detergents and additives is rigorously tested to verify its ability to both improve the quality of diesel fuel and increase the diesel engine’s power and performance. The robust detergent package offers one-tank cleanup of injector and combustion chamber deposits, restoring spray patterns and optimal combustion.

  • One-Tank Removal of Injector Deposits
  • Superior Cold Weather & Anti-Gel Performance as Demonstrated by Up To 13˚ Decrease in Temperature at Which Filters Plug
  • Measurably Improves Power & Performance
  • Increases Cetane Number Leading to Improved Ignition Quality & Reduced Emissions
  • Formulated for Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel & Biodiesel Blends

Product Number


Packaging Information

16 FL OZ (473 mL), 12 per Case


Treats up to 30 gallons of diesel fuel.


Pour into fuel tank.

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