Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner – Diesel



Wynn’s® Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner is a professional product specially formulated to remove soot
from the diesel particulate filter, decreasing particulate emissions and optimizing performance of the Selective
Catalysts Reduction (SCR) system. Diesel particulate filters trap and store soot that naturally forms in combustion.
When soot buildup is too great for the regeneration cycle to clear, the DPF must be professionally cleaned.
This exceptional product reduces carbon deposits and soot, cleans the diesel particulate filter without engine
teardown, and contains both combustion catalyst and detergent to reduce carbon deposits and soot throughout
the combustion and exhaust system. Use Wynn’s® DPF Cleaner with all diesel filters and after-treatment systems.

  • Cleans Blocked Diesel Particulate Filters
    Without Engine Teardown
  • Contains Both a Combustion Catalyst and
    Detergent to Reduce Carbon Deposits and Soot Throughout the Combustion and
    Exhaust System
  • Compatible with all Diesel Filters and
    After-Treatment Systems
  • Especially Suited for City Driving Cycles
  • Reduces High Maintenance Costs
    Associated with Manual DPF Regeneration

Product Number


Packaging Information

24 bottles per case.


This product is applicable to any diesel passenger car or light truck.


Pour in the fuel tank. One bottle treats up to 15 gallons of diesel fuel.

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