Diesel Injector Purge – Diesel

Diesel Injector Purge

Diesel Fuel Kit

Wynn’s Diesel Injector Purge helps restore proper fuel injector spray patterns by removing diesel injector deposits. For use with Wynn’s Diesel Clean (p/n 03500) or Diesel Purge (p/n 03600) equipment.

  • Cleans diesel injectors and helps restore injector spray pattern.
  • Cleans diesel engine combustion chamber.
  • Reduces diesel particulate emissions.
  • Helps restore overall diesel engine performance.

Product Number


Packaging Information

16 fl. Oz. / 12 cans per case


For use in all diesel and biodiesel blended fuel systems. Also included in Kit # ZWK10366 – Diesel Purge Kit


Refer to Power Diesel™ Injection Service Tool Operation Instructions.

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