Premium AT Fluid

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Advances in automotive technology extend to every component of a vehicle’s drive train and transmissions are no exception. Today’s automatic transmissions are designed to maximize power without sacrificing performance or fuel economy. A high-quality transmission fluid is the essential component to ensuring transmissions function at peak performance. Wynn’s® Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid provides hydraulic pressure and the right amount of friction control while protecting clutch plates and metal surfaces. Wynn’s® Premium AT Fluid is specially formulated for optimal performance in a wide variety of vehicles for maximum coverage of ultra low, low, and high viscosity applications.

Features and Benefits

✔ Extensive Application Coverage
✔ Full Synthetic Formulation
✔ Excellent High/Low Temperature
✔ Exceptional Thermal, Oxidation and Shear
✔ Strong Anti-Wear Protection
✔ Anti-Shudder Durability

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