Automatic Transmission Fluid Low Viscosity

Automatic Transmission Fluid

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PRODUCT #: A5301
NET WT 32 OZ (946 mL)
12 per Case

PRODUCT #: A5302
NET WT 376 LB (170.5 kg)

PRODUCT #: A5303
NET WT 1 Gallon (3.78 L)
4 per Case


Wynn’s® Low Viscosity Automatic Transmission Fluid is a Full Synthetic, Multi-Vehicle formulation that meets Dexron® VI specifications.

  • Recommended For Vehicles and Light Trucks that Specify a Low Viscosity Fluid
  • Full Synthetic Formulation
  • Excellent High/Low Temperature Characteristics
  • Exceptional Thermal, Oxidation and Shear Stability
  • Anti-Shudder Durability
  • Excellent Low Temperature Fluidity
  • 100% fully synthetic transmission fluid. Various size packaging to meet all needs.


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Wynn’s® 100% Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid can be used in nearly all transmissions which take ATF (conventional or synthetic–see application chart for details on specific usage).



Use as a refill fluid for Automatic Transmission services.

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