Power Steering Fluid Exchange Tool Box

Power Steering Service

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Dimensions: 11” H x 24” W x 12” D
Weight: 11.5 lbs.
New Fluid Bottle: 2 Qt.
Waste Fluid Bottle: 2 Qt.
Power: 12V DC Power


The Wynn’s® Power Steering Fluid Exchange Tool Box allows for routine servicing of the power steering fluid system, extending component life, maintaining peak performance and reducing expensive repairs.

  • Patented, Drainage & Refill Process Through the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir
  • Dual Pumps for Separation of Old & New Fluid
  • Dual Service Hoses for Increased Exchange Efficiency
  • New/Waste Fluid On/Off Switches
  • For Use with Wynn’s® Power Steering Products
  • Fully Portable – Perform Service Anywhere


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