Pneumatic Brake Machine


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Approximately 75 lbs. (34.02 Kg)
Dimensions: 49″H x 22″W x 20″D


The Pneumatic Brake Machine has an adjustable pressure setting that allows conventional and hybrid brake services. It is simple to operate, and works on most passenger and light to medium duty trucks. Once the new fluid line is connected to the master cylinder, a complete brake service can be performed in 10 minutes or less.

  • Operates on Shop Air
  • Adjustable Pressure & Vacuum to 100 PSI
  • Low Fluid Shut Off
  • 10-Minute Service Upon Hook Up
  • Technician Friendly–1 Person Operation
  • Ability to Service Hybrid Vehicles
  • Use Adaptor Kit# AK99500 (Sold Separately)


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