Wynn’s® Power Steering Service Kits



Available Wynn’s® Power Steering Service Kits:

Item #: ZWK10017 (Power Steering System Service Kit), Includes: ZW61904, (Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner) and ZW62409 (Power Steering Cleaner).

Item #: ZWK10019 (Power Steering System Service Kit – Red), Includes: ZW57806 (Power Steering Fluid & Conditioner-Red) and ZW62409 (Power Steering Cleaner).

Item #: ZWK10022 (Power Steering System Service Kit – Type H/A), Includes: ZW39601 (Power Steering Fluid-Type H/A) and ZW62409 (Power Steering Cleaner).

Item #: ZWK20079 (Power Steering System Service Kit – Synthetic Green) Includes: ZW57132 (Synthetic Power Steering Fluid – Green) and ZW62409 (Power Steering Cleaner).


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