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Turbocharged engines run hotter and burn fuel faster than naturally aspirated engines. This generates a larger volume of carbon deposits. These deposits can impede air flow and force the turbo out of balance, shortening its longevity. Wynn’s® Turbo Cleaner effectively removes deposit buildup from the compressor wheel and the turbine without dismantling. Use this valuable formula to extend the life of the turbo, remove deposit buildup and restore lost fuel economy. Wynn’s® Turbo Cleaner is formulated for both diesel and gasoline turbocharged engines.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effective for Both Diesel and Gasoline Turbocharged Engines
  • Removes Deposit Buildup from the Turbine Without Dismantling
  • Restores Air Flow and Performance
  • Extends the Life of the Turbo
  • Restores Fuel Economy Lost to Deposit Formation
  •  No Harm to O2 Sensor or Catalytic Converter (Gasoline Engine) or the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System (Diesel Engine)
  • VOC Compliant in all 50 States when Used According to Directions


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Wynn’s® Turbo Cleaner may be used on any turbocharged gasoline, diesel passenger vehicle or light truck.

Recommended service interval is every 15K miles, but may
vary based on driving conditions.


Refer to Job Aid for Turbocharger Cleaning.

Note: For VOC compliance, Tool #TN75490 must be used with product as directed.


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