Enviropurge Fuel Injection Cleaning Tool

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15″ H x10″ W x 8″ D
Weight: 9.05 lbs

Adapter Kit: ZW04001
Throttle Body Induction Tool: ZW31500


A fuel system cleaning service performed with Wynn’s® Enviropurge Fuel Injection Cleaning Tool and Wynn’s® fuel and air cleaning products is the perfect way to remove all of the various deposits that can restrict air and fuel flow. The Wynn’s® Enviropurge Tool can clean fuel injectors by attaching to the fuel rail (with an appropriate adapter (Kit #ZW04001) and product) and clean the intake (by using the Throttle Body Induction Tool (#ZW31500) and appropriate product. These services will improve engine performance and fuel economy.

  • Cleans Deposits from Intake Valves, Fuel Injectors and Combustion Chamber
  • Restores Lost Power and Improves Fuel Economy
  • Works Off Shop Air, No Aerosol Cans Required
  • Connects to the Vehicle’s Fuel Rail
  • 16 oz. Stainless Steel Cylinder Pressurized with Shop Air


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Please consult the technical info sheet


Please consult the technical info sheet

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