Combustion Chamber Cleaner

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11 fl. oz. / 24 per case


Wynn’s® Combustion Chamber Cleaner is a professionally applied chemistry that allows for multiple types of application depending on the need of the professional technician. Safely and effectively removes fuel system deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves and throughout the combustion chamber.

    • Removes gum, varnish, and carbon deposits
    • Provides effective and safe induction cleaning
    • Effective in-rail injector cleaning chemistry
    • Restores optimal injector spray pattern
    • Safe for sensors, catalytic converters and coated throttle body surfaces
    • EPA registered
    • Multiple application options for professional technician


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Multi-Port Fuel lnjection, Gasoline Direct Injection, Flex Fuel, Hybrid, and Turbo-Charged engines.


Cleans fuel injectors via the fuel rail. Cleans the intake plenum and intake valves via a vacuum source or pressurized across the throttle plate. See operations job aids for proper application.

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