Clean-Sweep™ Intake

Induction Cleaner

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16 FL OZ / Case of 12 Ea.


Wynn’s® Clean-Sweep™ Intake/Induction Cleaner is specially formulated to attack carbon build-up on intake valves and in combustion chambers of GDI engines. This exceptional product can remove even the hardest baked-on carbon. Internal combustion engines are designed to maximize power by converting as much fuel as possible to energy. Even with the most current, state-of-the-art engine designs, some fuel undergoes incomplete combustion and forms carbon deposits instead. With a mixture of polar, nonpolar, aromatic, and aprotic solvents, Wynn’s® Clean-Sweep™ Intake/Induction Cleaner dissolves and removes carbon deposits resulting in improved performance.

  • Cleans Away Gum, Varnish and Carbon Deposits
  • Restores Air Flow for Smooth Preformace & Idle
  • Effective on All Induction Systems
  • Exceptional GDI Cleaning Chemistry
  • Reduces Stalling and Hesitation
  • Decreases Exhaust Emissions
  • Improves Drivability
  • Helps Restore Fuel Economy


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One can of Wynn’s® Clean-SweepTM Intake/Induction Liquid Cleaner (ZW69116) treats one vehicle.


Refer to job aid for TW77000, ZW04000, TN15000, and ZW31500 tool. Introduce across the throttle plate or through correct manifold vacuum source. Do not apply this product through the fuel rail as an injector cleaner.

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