Air Intake/Induction Foam

Packaging Information:

Product No: ZW40201

Net Weight: 13 OZ (369 g)

Case Quantity: 12 Each


Wynn’s Air Intake/Induction Foam is a foaming aerosol cleaner that removes carbon build-up and contaminants from the throttle body, throttle plate, intake valves and fuel injector tips. The Air Intake/Induction Foam is applied
in short bursts through the throttle body to quickly and easily clean the entire air intake system. No wiping, brushing, or engine disassembly.

  • Removes Carbon Build-Up on Throttle Plate, Throttle Body and Intake Valves
  • Cleans Deposits on Fuel Injector Tips
  • Restores Proper Fuel/Air Mixture
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Oxygen Sensor Safe


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