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11 FL OZ / 24 per case


Wynn’s® Ethanol+ is a revolutionary formulation that helps eliminate the water that accumulates in and contaminates both gasoline and diesel fuel systems. This professional formula will stabilize both gasoline and diesel fuels, while also dissolving and suspending the water for removal through the combustion process. Ethanol+ guards metal surfaces in your vehicle from corrosion and helps prevent hesitation and poor acceleration caused by water contamination.

  • Removes Water from Fuel Tank
  • Fights Corrosion
  • Helps Prevent Hesitation and Poor Acceleration
  • For Use in All Gasoline and Diesel Fuels
  • Effective in All Blends of Ethanol Fuel
  • Prevents Thermal and Oxidative Breakdown During Storage


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Add to fuel tank.

Note: Not intended to treat significant amounts of free water.

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