Gasoline Turbo Induction Kit


Wynn’s® Gasoline Turbo Induction Kit is specifically designed to safely and effectively clean the entire Induction System of modern Turbocharged GDI vehicles. Wynn’s® Turbo Cleaner removes carbon from both the compressor wheel and the turbine, while Wynn’s® Air Intake/Induction Foam removes carbon build-up and contaminants in the throttle body, plenum, intake valves, and injector tips. No wiping, brushing, or disassembly is required.

Cleaning your turbocharger restores turbo boost, improves air flow, delivers improved performance and lower exhaust gas temperatures, resulting in more efficient performance and a longer turbo life.

Features and Benefits

  • Safely and Effectively Removes Carbon Build-Up on Throttle Plate, Throttle Body and Intake Valves
  • Cleans Deposits on Fuel Injector Tips
  • Restores Proper Fuel/Air Mixture
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Oxygen Sensor Safe
  • Restores Air Flow and Performance
  • Extends the Life of the Turbo
  • Restores Fuel Economy Lost to Deposit Formation
  • No Harm to Oxygen Sensor or Catalytic Converter
  • VOC Compliant when Used According to Directions
Packaging Information:

Product No: ZWK20410
Includes: ZW40201 and ZW21601
Case Quantity: 10 Kits / Case

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