Tune-Up Concentrate

Engine Oil Treatment

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11 FL OZ / Case of 24 Ea.


Wynn’s® Tune-Up Concentrate offers LSPI-safe detergent to clean piston rings and to quiet hydraulic lifters and valves. Paired with an effective dispersant, this detergent safely reduces sticky sludge deposits for removal at next oil change. Ashless antiwear provides added protection to metal surfaces.

  • Specially Formulated to Clean Valves and Rings
  • Compatible with All Engine Oils
  • Quiets Noisy Hydraulic Lifters
  • Inhibits Oil Deposit Formation
  • Engineered for GDI, MPFI, Hybrid and Turbo-Charged Engines
  • Gasoline and Diesel Engine Safe


For any gasoline or diesel engine.


Add to engine oil after engine oil change. Treats up to 6 quarts/6 liters of engine oil.

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