Friction Proofing+

Engine Oil Treatment

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11 FL OZ / Case of 24 Ea.


Wynn’s® Friction Proofing+ is a premium engine oil toptreat. Added to the crankcase following oil change, it takes ordinary engine oil to the next level, boosting lubricity for reduced friction, LSPI-safe detergent for enhanced cleanliness, protection against wear, pressure, and corrosion, and oxidation stability for longer-lasting oil between oil changes. This robust formula is fully synthetic for compatibility with conventional, semisynthetic, and synthetic engine oils.

  • Advanced Anti-Wear Protection
  • LSPI Safe
  • Full Synthetic Formula
  • Extended Service Interval Protection
  • Improved Oxidation Stability
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Viscosity Improvement



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For any gasoline engine. One bottle treats up to 5 quarts.


Add Wynn’s® Premium Oil Treatment to the crankcase at each oil change or once between changes as a supplement. Do not exceed the maximum fill level.

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