Internal Engine Cleaner

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30 FL OZ. (887 mL) 12 Each


Wynn’s® Internal Engine Cleaner is ideal for supporting high mileage vehicles by effectively diluting the oil, resulting in better drainage. Despite regular oil changes, the effectiveness of an oil change is limited by the amount of old oil left behind and the contaminants remaining in the oil. This efficient product dissolves sludge and varnish from the crankcase, clearing oil passages.

      • Safely Dissolves & Removes Sludge and Varnish
      • Improves Compression & Reduces Oil Consumption
      • Reduces Contamination of New Oil
      • Clears Oil Passages in Cylinder Heads
      • Frees Sticky Piston Rings, Reducing Blow-by


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For vehicles with high crankcase capacity, add to crankcase prior to oil change.

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