High Mileage Oil Treatment

Engine Oil Treatment

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11 FL OZ / Case of 24 Ea.


Wynn’s® High Mileage Oil Treatment is specifically formulated for GDI, PFI, Hybrid, and Turbo-Charged engines over 75,000 miles. This synthetic based formula conditions seals and gaskets, improves engine compression, reduces and stops oil leaks, and reduces exhaust smoke due to oil burning. Help protect high mileage vehicles from damage due to oil depletion and extends the longevity of the engine by using Wynn’s® High Mileage Oil Treatment at each oil change interval.

  • Fully Synthetic Formula
  • LSPI Safe
  • Conditions Seals & Gaskets
  • Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Enhances Power & Acceleration
  • Reduces and Stops Oil Leaks and Exhaust Smoke Due to Oil Burning


For any gasoline engine over 75,000 miles. One bottle treats up to 6 quarts.


Directions for Use: Add one bottle with new oil at each engine oil change. Treats up to 6 quarts.

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