Diesel Engine OST (Oil System Treatment)

Oil System Treatment

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11 oz. (325 mL) / 24 each


Wynn’s® Diesel Engine OST (Oil System Treatment) is a professional engine oil treatment developed to improve the power and performance of your Diesel Engine. Diesel engines demand high performance lubrication. Stop-and-start driving, extended idle times, and transporting heavy loads pushes your oil to the limit. A diesel engine also requires specialized chemistry to provide enhanced wear protection. This exceptional product improves oxidation stability protecting against breakdown of the engine oil and helps to extend engine life. As demonstrated by thorough testing, this effective product provides protection from friction and wear and increases fuel efficiency. Wynn’s® Diesel OST provides a specialized formulation that offers exceptional soot dispersancy, reduces acid and sludge formation to increase the oil life, providing excellent protection until your next oil change.

  • Enhanced Wear Protection that Helps Extend Engine Life
  • Reduces Deposits & Acid Formation
  • Provides Excellent Soot Dispersancy
  • Meets the Latest API Diesel Engine Oil Performance Specifications
  • Improves Oxidation Stability
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency by Allowing Moving Parts to Slide with Ease
  • For Use in Synthetic and Conventional Diesel Engine Oils


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Add contents to engine crankcase at each oil change. Can also be added once between changes as a supplement.

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