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Wynn’s® Driveline+ features a full synthetic formula engineered to lubricate and protect internal components on AWD and RWD drivelines. Wynn’s® Driveline+ is compatible with non GL-5 fluids (such as Dual Pump) and is suitable for use in vehicles requiring non-conventional GL5 gear oils.

Features and Benefits

✔ Engineered for AWD/RWD Drivelines
✔ Full Synthetic Formula
✔ Lubricates and Protects Internal
✔ Compatible with non GL-5 Fluids such as
Dual Pump
✔ Suitable for Use in Vehicles Requiring
Non-Conventional GL-5 Gear Oils such as:
GM/AC Delco Auto-Trak II, GM12378508,
Ford M, WSS-M2C166H, Ford XL-12.
Mercedes Benz GL-450, and Honda Dual
Pump Fluid II

Packaging Information:

Product No: ZWA5801
Weight: 1 QT (946 mL)
Case Quantity: 12 Each

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