Power Diesel Induction & EGR Cleaner

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32 fl. oz. / 12 per case


Wynn’s® Power Diesel Induction & EGR Cleaner restores EGR operation, improves airflow through the Induction system and reduces DPF Regeneration cycles. Restores fuel economy, reduces particulate emissions and restores overall engine performance.

Apply to Diesel EGR systems using appropriate equipment and adapters. Diesel engines only.

  • Removes Deposits from EGR and Induction System
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Cleans DPF and Reduces Regeneration Cycles
  • Restores Lost Performance and Fuel Economy


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For use in all diesel fuel EGR and Induction systems.


Refer to Power Diesel™ Induction & EGR Cleaning Service Tool Operation Instructions Diesel engines only.

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