DOT 3 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

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64 fl. oz. / 6 per case


Wynn’s® DOT 3 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid, compatible with all DOT 3 brake fluids, lubricates and protects the rubber and metal components of the braking system and provides superior protection against vapor lock by maintaining a high boiling point in service. Meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 116 and SAE J1703 and exceeds DOT 3 requirements for use in hydraulic brake systems of most cars, trucks, buses and heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Features a Minimum Boiling Point (ERBP) of 401°F
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Improves seal life and performance
  • Controls viscosity over a wide temperature range
  • Minimizes low temperature absorption


All vehicle brake applications calling for a DOT 3 approved brake fluid.


Add to vehicle per Wynn’s® Job Aid.

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