Battery Maintenance Kit


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Kit ZWK10565 Includes:
ZW11701 & ZW21401
Packaging: 12 kits/Case


Batteries are often neglected as a part of routine vehicle maintenance, especially with the popularity of so-called maintenance-free batteries. Corrosion tends to build up on battery terminals and connectors because of the physical composition of the battery and the environment to which it is exposed. It is important that the battery connections to the vehicle remain clean. Wynn’s® Battery Maintenance Kit is the way to keep your battery terminals and connections clean and trouble-free.

  • Battery Terminal Cleaner and Leak Detector is Formulated to:
  • Neutralize Battery Acids
  • Clean Battery Terminals and Connectors
  • Indicate Battery Acid Leaks and Battery Cracks
  • Prevent Corrosion
  • Rinse Off Easily with Water
  • Battery Terminal Protector Pads are Designed to:
  • Prevent Battery Terminal Corrosion
  • Install Easily by Mounting on Side or Top of Terminals


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All traditional vehicle batteries including top and side post batteries.


Apply cleaner to battery posts and cables as directed. Brush clean and rinse with deionized water. Install terminal pads on battery posts.

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