10 Good Reasons for Using Wynn’s Additives

1 Improve or Restore Engine Performance

2 Prevent or Reduce the Rate of Degradation and Aging

3 Protect and Lubricate Parts

4 Reduce Exhaust Gases

5 Prevent or Reduce High Consumption of Automotive Fluids

6 Clean Systems Fouled by Impurities

7 Prevent Fouling of Engine Parts

8 Prevent Seasonal Problems

9 Stop Leaks

10 Solve Offensive Odor Problems

Your car is one of the biggest investments you make, and its engine has to endure a lot during its lifetime; wear, contamination, heat… Its important to maintain the engine to ensure it has a long life and starts every time you need it to.

Today’s Car Use is Characterized and Influenced by

1 Aging Vehicle Population
Keeping cars running efficiently for more years and miles than ever before

2 New Engine Technology
More sensitive to driveability issues related to carbon deposits and other contaminants

3 Heavy Traffic
Increases build-up of deposits in the fuel system and adds stress and strain to other fuilds and mechanical systems

4 Modern Fuel Technology
More sensitive to oxidation

Wynn’s offers a range of products to prevent and solve problems that affect the operation of the engine. An effective preventative maintenance service plan using Professional Formula Wynn’s products can reduce or prevent the need for many mechanical repairs. Wynn’s products are:

  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Easy-to-use

Wynn’s Service Products Offer Lifetime Protection Programs on Qualified Vehicles, Check with Your Service Professional for Details.