Wynn’s leads the category through our innovation, our technology and the products we create. We bring a legacy of superior performance that professional service providers trust through our heritage of innovative formulas and unparalleled service.

Innovation That Drives Dealership Profitability.

For 85 years, Wynn’s has been the leader in innovation that helps drive dealership profitability. In 2024, we celebrate the 85th anniversary of the one that started it all, Wynn’s Friction Proofing+. 
From product innovation to training and support, Wynn’s and our world-class distributor network bring programs and ideas to dealership service departments that deliver revenue and customer loyalty.
As part of ITW, Wynn’s is proud to be an example of our parent company’s motto: Never stronger. Never better positioned for the future

The Mechanic's Frenemy

A Wynn’s solution in every vehicle on the road.
People who love cars, love Wynn’s. With over 80 years of experience and innovation, Wynn’s leads with product and system innovations that drive vehicle performance and longevity. Wynn’s legacy of innovation and performance is always copied, but never outrun.

Become a Wynn's Distributor or Dealership

Join Wynn’s and be a part of our legacy. Because Wynn’s did not join this business, we ARE this business. With an industry-leading network of distributors and dealerships, Wynn’s brings innovative, technically advanced professional grade solutions to the world.

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From legacy wear to racing gear, show your Wynn’s pride.

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The Original and Best

Over 80 years ago, Chestien Wynn created “Wynn’s Friction Proofing Oil”, changing the future of how we care for our cars. Now, 80 years later, Wynn’s is the preeminent line of automotive care products on the market.

WYNN's Racing

Wynn’s Racing is driving proof of our legacy and innovation. For over 80 years, Wynn’s has stood the test of time and left our competition in the dust.

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