Air Purifier – HVAC

Air Purifier

Air Conditioner & Interior Odor Eliminator

Wynn’s Air Purifier™ is a water based non-irritating/non-flammable solution that removes odors by encapsulation leaving a pleasant aroma. Air Purifier™ also accelerates the natural decay of ozone.

  • Removes offensive odors from vehicle HVAC system
  • Removes odors from vehicle cabin including carpet and upholstery
  • Neutralizes ozone after Aircomatic™ III ozone service.

Product Number


Packaging Information

2.5 oz. / 12 per case


All vehicles air handling systems and interiors.


Air Purifier treatment is designed to be used with the Aircomatic III Ultrasonic A/C Cleaning System (p/n 03003).


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