Liquid Induction Cleaner – Fuel

Liquid Induction Cleaner

Gasoline Fuel Induction / Injection System Cleaners

Wynn’s Liquid Induction Cleaner removes induction system gum and varnish deposits that form in the throttle body, intake plenums and on the intake valves of PFI & GDI engines.

  • Helps maintain clean Intake Manifold, Valves, and Fuel Injector Tips
  • Helps eliminate hesitation and rough idle
  • Safely and effectively removes most deposits from the induction system
  • Catalytic converter and sensor safe
  • Improves air flow for restored performance and smoother idle

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Packaging Information

11 fl. oz. / 24 per case


For use in all Multi-Port, Port Fuel Injection, Gasoline Direct Injection, Hybrid and Turbo-Charged gasoline engines.


Introduced into the vehicle’s intake plenum via a vacuum source. Refer to Job Aid for application instructions.


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