High Strength Liquid Induction Cleaner – Fuel

High Strength Liquid Induction Cleaner

Gasoline Fuel Induction / Fuel Injection Cleaners

Wynn’s Liquid Air Intake Cleaner safely removes gum and varnish from the air throttle plate and throttle plate shaft. Lubricates the air intake throttle plate and shaft and improves airflow for smoother idling. Safe for O2 sensors, catalytic converters, and coated throttle plates.

  • Removes gums and varnish
  • Improves air flow for restored performance
  • Lubricates while it cleans
  • O2 sensor and catalytic converter safe
  • Won’t harm coated throttle bodies

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Packaging Information

11 fl. oz. / 24 per case


Highly effective in all Multi-Port, Port Fuel Injection, Gasoline Direct Injection, Hybrid and Turbo-Charged gasoline engine induction system.


Introduced into the vehicle’s intake plenum via a vacuum source.
Refer to Job Aid for application instructions.


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