De-Carbon Foam – Fuel

De-Carbon Foam

Gasoline Fuel Induction/Injection System Cleaners

Wynn’s De-Carbon Foam™ softens and dissolves difficult to remove intake valve and combustion chamber deposits in MPI and especially GDI engines. De-Carbon Foam™ has been shown to eliminate trouble codes in GDI and port fuel injection engines, prevent misfires resulting from severe valve deposits and restore smooth operation in rough running engines.

  • Powerful foaming technology
  • Restores engine performance
  • Eliminates rough idle caused by carbon deposits
  • For use in all GDI and PFI engines
  • Safe for catalytic converters and sensors
  • Technician-friendly application process
  • Single application per container

Product Number


Packaging Information

13 oz. aerosol can 12 units/Case


For use in all Multi-Port, Port Fuel Injection, Gasoline Direct Injection, Hybrid and Turbo-Charged gasoline engines. For use in Diesel EGR system cleaning.


Introduced into the vehicle’s intake plenum via a vacuum source using the built-in service hose and adaptor. Follow service job aid instructions.

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