Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment – Diesel

Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment

Diesel fuel treatment with cetane improver

Wynn’s Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment increases diesel fuel cetane numbers resulting in improved engine performance, smoother idle and reduced engine knock. Provides exceptional fuel lubricity while removing fuel system, injector, intake and combustion chamber deposits.

  • Increases cetane 2-6 numbers resulting in reduced engine knock.
  • Improves low temperature starting and smoother idling.
  • Shortens warm-up time and reduces emissions.
  • Improves cold temperature flow and reduces cold temperature filter plugging.
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection.
  • Enhances fuel stability in storage.
  • Treats 30-gallons of fuel.

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Packaging Information

24 x 11 oz. / Case


All diesel fuel systems.


Add to fuel tank when refueling or when needed. One bottle treats Up to 30 gallons of fuel.


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