Vacuum Coolant Machine – Coolant

Vacuum Coolant Machine

Cooling System Service

The Vacuum Coolant Machine offers the ability to perform a quick, non-labor intensive cooling system service, extending the life of the cooling system. The service facilitates easy removal of the old coolant fluid.

  • Restores cooling system heat transfer efficiency
  • Eliminates the need to disconnect any hoses
  • Easy used fluid disposal with a single large tube design, which performs like a 2 or 3 tube design.
  • Machine is operator friendly
  • Operates using shop air
  • Easy to roll around cart

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Packaging Information

Approximately 65 lbs. (55″H x 19″W x 22″D)


For coolant service on any vehicle that you can obtain access to radiator/remote reservoir.
All needed adapters are included with the machine.


See Job Aid and/or Training video


Safety Data Sheets

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