Universal Cooling System Treatment – Coolant

Universal Cooling System Treatment

Radiator Treatment

Wynn’s Universal Cooling System Treatment is compatible with conventional, long-life and hybrid antifreeze/coolant hybrid formulas. Undyed for maximum compatibility with the various colors of antifreeze/coolant on the market. Protects aluminum and all metal cooling system parts against rust and corrosion while providing anti-foam protection.

  • Protects aluminum and all metal cooling system parts against corrosion
  • 100% Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
  • Compatible with all coolants
  • Undyed formula
  • Provides extra protection for extended drain intervals

Product Number


Packaging Information

11 fl. Oz. / 24 per case
Also comes in kit #10076, #10077.


All vehicle cooling systems in both gasoline and diesel engines using standard or extended life coolants.


Add to the vehicle cooling system between cooling system services or after a cooling system fluid exchange service.


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