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Brake Fluid Exchange Machine

Brake Service

The Wynn’s Brake Fluid Exchange Machine provides a complete brake fluid exchange, simultaneously filling and vacuuming the brake system for a fast, effective service. It delivers brake fluid into reservoir, at same time vacuums system and reduces the introduction of air all while providing a constant supply of new brake fluid into the system.

  • Complete Brake System Fluid Exchange
  • Combo of Pressure at Master Cylinder & Vacuum at Wheels
  • Handles High-Pressure Hybrid Vehicle Brake Systems
  • Pressure Regulator & Gauge for Proper Fluid Pressure Setting (1-49 PSI)
  • Ease of “Remove” and “Top Off” of the Master Cylinder Reservoir
  • Pressure-Free Service Hose Removal
  • Up to 18’ Coiled Hose
  • Removable Waste Fluid Container
  • Convenient, Portable Roll-Around Unit

Product Number


Packaging Information

Dimensions: 38” H x 18” W x 28” D
Weight: 60 lbs.
Waste Fluid Bottle: 4 Qt.
Power: 12V DC Power

Adapter Kit: #AK99500
Individual Adapters


Please consult the technical info sheet.


Please consult the technical info sheet.


Safety Data Sheets

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